The Do's and Don'ts of Attaching Cargo

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The Do's and Don'ts of Attaching Cargo

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The Pack Mule and Pack Rabbit frame systems are constructed of glass-filled injection molded nylon, which makes them extremely strong, lightweight, and flexible. They are designed to carry significant amounts of weight. However, like any product they can be damaged under certain conditions. In order to prevent damage to the frame, the best practice is to always strap your load back to the Main Frame. It is ok to place cargo on the cargo deck, but it should always be secured back to the Main Frame. The peripheral anchor points along the mainframe are extremely strong and intended to bear the weight of a heavy load.   

How To Attach Cargo_02The Cargo Deck is designed to maintain the position of the load, high and above the hips. It is intended to work in tandem with the main frame to support the weight of the cargo. If the Cargo Deck bears all of the weight alone, the direction of pull created by the shoulder straps could cause the frame to bend in a direction that is counter to its intended design. In extreme circumstances, this can cause stress or damage to the frame. The Cargo Deck is not intended to be a seat and should not be used as a seat or child carrier. The flip-down feature of the Pivoting Lumbar Support is the only recognized low-profile seat on the frame.

Heavy Loads: While bungee cords work well for lighter loads, they are not the best solution for heavier loads. The “dynamic" nature of bungee cords can allow the weight of heavier loads to be inadvertently transferred onto the Cargo Deck, even though they seem very secure against the frame. This could allow sufficient flex in the frame to create a structural failure. For heavier loads we recommend the use of straps. The “static" nature of straps prevents stretching to occur between anchor points, and thus does not allow the frame to flex in an unintended direction.

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For more questions about the Pack Rabbit or Pack Mule frame systems, or any other of our products, please contact our Customer Service department at or (214) 774-4363.