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A multi-purpose frame system ideal for carrying most any load to suit a variety of activities. The Pack Mule II is 10% lighter than the original Pack Mule system!  Easy-grip knobs and new direct-pull buckles ensure quick adjustments and proper alignment every time.  It is easily adapted to support the attachment of most military-styled and medium sized commercial packs. The cargo deck also enables irregular items to be carried, such as fishing tackle, tree stands, game slings, ladders, coolers, and more...

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  • Easy Grip Knobs for Harness Attachment
  • One-Piece Direct-Pull Attachment Buckles
  • Cargo Deck (Supports 140 lbs. Load) See Details for Proper Cargo Attachment
  • Padded Back and Low-profile Seat
  • Universal Attachment Points
  • Shock-absorbing Suspension System
  • Oversized Pivoting Lumbar Support
  • Heavy-duty Elastic Seat Retention Band
  • Fits torso lengths 18.00 – 23.00” / 45.72 – 58.42cm

Guaranteed Fit:

Pack Rabbit Packs: Camp Mule, Military Mule, Kool Mule, School Mule
Commercial Packs: S.O.C. Bugout Bag, Cabela’s Bow & Rifle Pack, Camelbak Ranger XT, North Face Overhaul 40, JanSport Watchtower, U.S. Spec Assault Pack.


See How To Size the Frame System

OtherPadding: High Density Foam
Weight: 4.4 lb
Dimensions: 22.9 in × 12.6 in × 9.1 in

6 Reviews


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This frame has been the most comfortable external frame system I have ever used. I am going to recommend it to all my friends in my hiking club.

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I bought my Pack Mule frame so that I could attach my old Army Alice Pack. It went right on the frame, just as if it was meant to be there. I also bought the Adapter Kit, just in case I want to swap my Army pack for another. The kit has so many great straps and buckles. I use them all the time to attach various items specific to my immediate needs. Great value! Thanks guys.

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I am a deputy in S. Texas and my department bought a few of the mule frames to use when we patrol in remote areas. Most of the guys use 3-day packs on the frame. They are an excellent piece of kit. It is so easy to strap anything onto it, and the low profile seat is so convenient. The setup and breakdown of surveillance positions is quick and easy. I think it would be great for SWAT also. It would be nice to see other color options.

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My wife and I bought two frames to use instead of folding lawn chairs. I put an ice chest on mine and my wife carries a pack. Together we are all set when we go to outdoor events. No more dragging along the ice chest and juggling the lawn chairs. We can’t wait to put them to good use.

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My daughter bought me a pack mule frame for my birthday after we saw a guy sitting in the seat of his frame in Yellowstone National Park. I have had it now for two months and have used in on 3 different fishing trips. I strap on a small pack and all my fishing gear, we hike in and fly-fish for several days at a time. It has worked out so well. I highly recommend this for any fisherman.

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So I just got a preview of the new cargo carrier. In my opinion, even as simple as it is, it is one of the best accessories to go with the frame. This allow someone to use their favorite pack, or in my case decoy bags, without any hassle. I like the MOLLE attachment points. I am going to attach pockets for my turkey calls, kind of like a fanny pack. Your quick seat is great for running and gunning turkeys – just got to figure out how to increase the surface area of those two front legs so I will not sink forward when hunting in muddy conditions. I can't wait to add the cargo carrier to my frame.