Sizing and Fitting your Pack Frame

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How to Properly Size Your Pack Frame

There are several things to consider when determining the proper fitment of you pack frame—body measurement and frame size.  The Pack Rabbit (smaller) and the Pack Mule (larger) Frame systems accommodate 90% of the population’s body size.  Having the proper fitment ensures that the frame’s performance and comfort are optimal. 


Determine Your Torso Size

With your head tilted forward, measure along your back from the seventh vertebrae (the largest bump on the back of your neck) to a point on your lower back, which is horizontal with the top of your hipbones.  The distance between these two points is your Torso Size. 

DETERMINE STRAP LOCATIONDetermine Your Shoulder Strap Placement

Each frame system has incremental shoulder harness attachment points that allow for variations in Torso Size.  To determine the proper location, measure the equivalent distance of your torso length from the bottom of the pivoting lumbar to the harness’ attachment points, located top-center of the frame.  The slotted points that most closely correspond to that measurement are where the shoulder strap should be attached.

Placement of the Sternum Strap

The adjustable sternum strap should be affixed on the shoulder harness approximately 2 inches below the collarbones.  When wearing, slightly cinch the sternum strap so that the shoulder harness is pulled inward and centered over the shoulders away from the armpits.  If pulled too tight, the sternum strap can restrict breathing. 

Table of frame sizes